Aquiles Hadjis ~ Indoor Airs (sounds for a warm garden) ~




Aquiles Hadjis Indoor Airs (sounds for a warm garden)
a sound installation & open performance space

Date: 930日(土)
Time: 16:0021:00
free entry / contributions welcome
入場料無料 / 投げ銭




We have invited our friend Aquiles Hadjis to do a site-specific installation tailored to Shimauma Salon’s particularities. The work will be displayed for one day only, and everyone is invited to visit and make sounds with it. There will be scattered performances during the day. (*entrance is free / the artist will be honored with your NAGESEN contribution.)






Aquiles Hadjis (Maracaibo, 1981)

Originally from Venezuela and active in Tokyo for the past 8 years, Aquiles Hadjis combines strategies from visual arts and improvisation to drive his performances and instrument building. 

Linking the idea of prototypes to sketching, he thinks of both as thought that has solidified only slightly, enough to do things it cannot do inside the mind, but still malleable enough to exist as a frame for conversations with the unknown. Many of his works give voice to malfunctioning and unpredictable systems whose conversations he propitiates and moderates. Most of them can be understood and encountered in simultaneous roles as sound installations, stages, and experimental musical instruments.

In his live performances, he surrounds himself with a constellation of sculptural instruments which create raw, warm soundscapes as they move around each other.

He has performed and shown his work in many countries including the US, Japan, Germany, Venezuela, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong.



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