Mikan “Enter the Fall” POP UP

『Mikan “Enter the Fall” POP UP』
会期: 2018 年 9 月 29 日(土)〜 9月 30 日(日)

京都を拠点に活動するアクセサリーレーベルMikanの秋コレクションがShimauma Salonにやって来ます!



Mikan’s latest creations are popping up in Shimauma Salon!
The new collection of bags and hats, crafted in Kyoto from ancient Japanese textiles, is an ode to the ephemeral beauty of Autumn. Colours and patterns are conversing in the intimate atmosphere of the place.

Come discover the new designs and celebrate the new season together.



本日は台風のため、MIKANのPOP UPを16:30に閉店します。皆様もどうぞお気をつけてお過ごしください。

Hello everyone! Due to the coming typhoon in the evening, we will close the event at 16:30 today. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to see you before then


『Mikan “Enter the Fall” POP UP』opening party

9 月 29 日(土) / Saturay 29th
open 18:00 /close 22:00
入場料無料 (free entry) / drinks  ¥300  – ¥500


『Mikan “Enter the Fall” POP UP』

9 月 30 日(日) / Sunday 30th
open 13:00 /close 16:30

入場料無料 / free entry


About the designer

Clementine Sandner is the founder and creative brainchild behind the accessories label Mikan.
Her brand name is a translation of her first name’s meaning -mandarin- in Japanese.
Describing herself as an «upcycler», the French designer is driven by the challenge of recreating something desirable from which one would consider waste or already retired.

Clementine’s process always begins with sourcing kimono & obi fabrics from local flea markets. She’s particularly sensitive to the aesthetic of Japanese prints which evoke natural phenomena with elegant simplicity and modernity. Her fabric selection process is at first very instinctive. Like blossoming flowers, the designs evolve from experimenting with a combination of prints and hues. Her finishing touch finds modern accents with reflective details and transformable shapes.




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